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Driza Bone Products available at Rogue Pony

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Since its foundation in 1898 Driza-Bone has been an important part
of Australia’s heritage. It has clothed the men who built the railways,
roads and highways of Australia, served in the two world wars and
travelled with the explorers —from the vast ice sheets of the Antarctic
to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Growing with generations of
Australians, Driza-Bone has earned its reputation as a brand that is
trustworthy, dependable and here to stay.

Today, Driza-Bone continues to use fabrics, finishes and manufacturing
techniques instilled with the philosophy of longevity, simplicity and comfort.
Our garments will always age naturally to create a rugged style shaped by
the life and times of their owners. Short-lived trends and fashions may pass,
but a Driza-Bone will always be uniquely yours. This winter, we captured the
lives of real people in the city coast and country who have made Driza-Bone
part of their everyday lifestyles.


Rogue Pony is proud to stock and sell Driza Bone Products.   Shop the range  Here 


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